Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why didn't you do it?

I didn’t do the dishes because I hate doing them. They have needed to be done for a few days. Slowly, the pile grew beyond the sink and overtook the counter. The recyclables that need rinsing are sitting on the island and the stove. It’s a mess and sometimes it smells when I walk by. I am not mistaken in knowing that a globulous mess awaits the dish doer in the sink. It hits all of my squeamish sensory buttons. The feel of wet bread makes me gag! We have had a lot of bread and noodles the last few days.

To make it worse, we left the mess for a few days as we traveled out of town. It is not even suppose to be my job. It’s Jeff’s job. I know, I know he has been overwhelmed with work. I just really detest doing the dishes. I guess I was hoping the housemate would see the mass and take care of them for me. She agreed to take care of the dogs so I just figured it would get to her and the situation would be resolved by my avoidance and disappearance. Nope. They are still there. And I still do not plan to do them.


  1. I laughed out loud when I read this. mostly because I have my own dislike of doing dishes. Also because it mirror my first of my little vignettes on this prompt.
    This kind of in a way reminds me of the trash poem by Shel Silverstein.
    My favorite word in this are globulous and where you use mass in the 4th sentence of the 2nd paragraph.
    I know this scene in my own house too well.
    and I feel you pain.
    Love this one.

  2. globulous isn't actually a word.... at least I couldn't find a spelling for it :)

  3. My dad, the English professor, would say it is. I'll even check if you want me too. ;)

  4. Click on word for definition
    See it's a word.

  5. Sweet! Glad I decided to keep it even after I couldn't find a correct spelling or definition.

    I so need to pull out my Shel Silverstein books for Xander.

  6. Yes. It is a word. But, I love making them up anyway...what fun is writing if you aren't able to make up words???

    This is a funny one...though I LOVE washing dishes. I would say the same thing for COOKING and doing the laundry. UGH!