Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am stuck. I am supposed to write on the color orange. The problem I have with doing this assignment is that I feel all of my writing has become the same. I am seeking a way to stretch out, try other styles, but “orange” isn’t doing it for me. It doesn’t fit right… not the color, but the problem. With a prompt as simple as “orange”, I should be able to take it in any direction I want. And I can. I could write about orange pumpkins, fall leaves, glorious sunsets, stories of misapplied self-tanning lotion, or a simple mitten found after the cold snows melt. But they all sound the same in my head. They all echo familiar story lines, the same voice, and the typical ending. Even this little rant sounds like everything else. So, instead of writing a story or poem about orange, I am writing a letter or plea to help.

Someone, give me a plot and perspective involving the color blue. Maybe I can do better then! Sorry “orange”. You are not resonating a winning story within me!


  1. You got me with the "missapplie self-tanning lotion!" that was funny!!!!! I love how you just wrote what you thought as you thought it (that's how you wrote this, right?). It is neat.

    So, what would you write with the "blue" prompt? Looking forward to reading that.

  2. Poor orange...I have gone with the ask the kids for ideas....Ok so Griffin only gave me the orange one and Bill and Holly have inadvertently given me Blue...I think It isn't going well right now.

    Or you could combine Blue and orange and do a Da Bears story.....

  3. Hahahaha! Great idea. Not sure I will take it, but appreciate the reason to laugh!