Monday, October 26, 2009

My Name

I don't know why my parent's chose my name. Perhaps because they liked the idea of popularity, something they probably never experienced. I do know that my name was on the Top 10 List for the year I was born. It may have been number 1.

Some may think this would be fun. Look at it from my perspective: No one ever says I have a pretty/ beautiful name. Because it is common. I have never been in a class or work environment without at least one person to share my name with. And out of our small group of friends, two other's share my name.

I wanted to do better for my own children. I chose old fashioned names that I heard very infrequently. Of course, they each ended up on the Top 10m List for the year they were born. Sorry kids!

*** This prompt was just to make sure I stayed on top of my writing. If I miss too many days, I loose my motivation. If you are wondering if you missed a prompt, you did not. This was taken from the One Minute Writer****


  1. Sorry I missed a day (or 2) being away always throws me off.

    I have a weeks worth up now and a new post...

    I like this but Really I knew this about you. I remember talking about it with you probably around the time we were both pregnant.

  2. It's a complaint I share with anyone who will listen when the topic comes up :)