Saturday, October 24, 2009

A 10 Minute Fall Memory

It’s 50 degrees outside and the stars are out. We have Hershey’s chocolate bars, graham crackers, and a variety of marshmallow choices. Jeff is cutting wood left over from construction projects in the garage. In about 15 minutes, two other couples will be over to the house. I am rapidly picking things up while playing Mommy Says with the kids. I love nights like this and am fortunate enough to have them frequently, especially in the fall.

‘Mommy Says find your shoes!” The kids are running around looking for their shoes. I’m not sure I know where they are and am hoping that they will have a bit of luck and save me precious time once our company arrives.

THUMP! I jump at the sound and look to where it seems to have come from. Jeff has just dropped an armful of wood on the deck. He is carrying the copper fire bowl to the back corner of the yard, presumably to dump the ashes and accumulated water. “I found one Spiderman shoe!” my son yells. My daughter echoes his words, but has nothing in her hands. More parroting. “Mommy Says find a matching shoe!” I call back in response.

“I’m done with this game!” the four year old responds, arms crossed over his chest after mercilessly dumping the one found shoe in the middle of the floor. “Sweetheart, I really need your help. We have friends coming over and when they get here, we are going to go outside and have a fire. But if you don’t have your shoes, then you and I will have to stay inside.” He growls in response, but starts looking for his other shoe. “Thank you,” I say sincerely.

The door bell rings and our first of two couples have arrived. There are greetings and well wishes passed around. The four year old returns with the missing shoe in hand. I sit on the floor and help he and his sister put their shoes and coats on. Then I search for my own shoes. The door bell rings again and the party is complete. Everyone is standing out back on the deck. I am almost ready to come out with a slew of drinks. I breathe in deeply and smell the fire, pausing a moment to listen to the playful bantering and laughter between the adults and the begging for S’mores arising from my children. Smiling, I walk out and begin to add memories to those that have already conglomerated themselves around the fall fires in our backyard.

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  1. I really like this.
    captures the moment well.

    Now I want S'mores