Friday, October 23, 2009

Magic Box

I am ready to open the magic box. I must figure out what is held within through the clues inscribed ever so carefully on the outside. If I am correct, the box will open easily and I may claim the contents as my own. Then, I may add my own item and pass the box along to a new friend.

The clues read as follows:

It looks like the galaxy in a child’s illustration.

It sounds like popcorn popping.

It smells like a new pair of dishwashing gloves.

It feels like I am taking a bathing suit off on a child. My hands stick and glide in the same manner.

It tastes like dryness embodied.

It reminds me of chaos and laughter.

It makes me feel both young and old.

It is…..

I think about this for a long time. Weeks. My son and I go to the dentist and at the end of the appointment, he picks a clear rubber bouncy ball filled with scattered star stickers, some bent and many tips broken as his prize. Immediately, I know this is my prize too. I rush home and make the guess to the magic box. I carefully lift the lid cautiously. There is an identical bouncy ball waiting inside. I take it out and explore it. I can see the galaxy and smell the dishwashing gloves. I rub my hand across it and the movement is stuttered, much like taking a wet suit off of my child. I turn my back and lick it. There is nothing at first, but then slowly a dry after taste develops. I bounce it and immediately hear popping. The ball veers chaotically down the hall. I smile at its path and my children explode with laughter. I am humored, much like a child, but too old to go cavorting after it. It is a great prize! I want to send something equally as touching to my friend.

I think for a few days of what I can pass on. I find something and put it in the box, closing the lid gently. The old inscriptions disappear and I find myself speaking my clues aloud.

It looks like a partial eclipse of the sun.

It sounds like a gentle breeze rustling over a garden.

It smells like a field of corn and it’s decorated borders combined.

It feels like a smooth rock that has been skipped into a lake only to be deposited back on land.

It tastes like bitter wine.

It reminds me of time spent on my Grandfather’s farm.

It makes me feel safe and sunny.

It is a……..

A new inscription is taking place. The magic act reminds me of something out of Harry Potter. I feel a tingle of appreciation run down my spine as I watch the little gold spark move quickly through elegant curves until each word has been carefully etched upon the plain white box. It is oddly beautiful and inspiring.

The next morning, I put the box in the passenger seat of my car and drive it to your house. I leave it on your doorstep and await your call telling me you have figured out the clue.


  1. Wow so different from mine.
    I will have to think about your hint. I have thout about a little flute toy but that doesn't make sense for all your hints.

    Mine is very obvious.

    I like this and like this idea. Maybe we should do this.

    might make us see each other more.

  2. Sounds great! The only trouble is that I lost my spell book some time ago and don't know the right incantation to make it work. Do you have this spell in one of your volumes?

  3. I'll give you another hint: I had each of my children bring me something that they thought I should write about.

  4. I have enlisted help and we still don't know. I love this mystery! Although another hint would be fabulous.

  5. Two clues: pick one and then the other, if needed.

    connection through literature: google "advanced winemaking basics" (purposely left out the space between wine and making.) It is in the list of items you can use.

    connection through science: google "partial eclipse" under images

  6. Ok My Google queeness may have failed me but could it be your favorite flower? I keep trying to make it fit but I saw some things on google that suggested it.

  7. It could be, but the question is: Is it?