Saturday, October 31, 2009


“She is a vision in blue. From her scrunchie to her glasses to her sweat shirt and jeans to her pre-teen attitude. I don’t know what to do with her anymore.” Viv confessed to Susie that night while doing dishes.

“Ship her off to boarding school,” Susie responded without a second thought. That is what she did with her daughter when she turned 11. “Country Creek Academy is lovely. They’re very prestigious. I could certainly put in a good word for you” Viv heard the clink of ice cubes in her glass as she set it on the the table.

Viv squeezed the sponge, watching the water run into the soap suds, leaving a small indent as evidence. She loved her friend dearly. They had known each other for years. But their parenting styles were drastically different. So were their socio-economic standings. “Oh, I don’t know Viv. It’s tough, I’ll grant you; I just don’t think boarding school is the right way to go.”

“Oh honey. It is so much simpler! Holly loves it. She has so many girlfriends and the teachers are all well credentialed.” She means well. She is doing what she believes is best for her child. Viv truly believes this.

Truthfully, Viv don’t think it is the right choice for any child, including hers. She would never tell Susie this though. “Call me selfish, but I don’t think I could survive only seeing my daughter on holidays and occasional weekends. It just wouldn’t work for me in the long run. I am always amazed at how you can do it!”

“Like I said darling, it is so much simpler. Someone else deals with the attitudes, makes sure she is doing well in school, etc. When we see each other, it is all fun and games. Shopping, movies, spa days! It’s a perfect relationship. All of the glory and none of the blood. Fabulous!” Susie is talking while swirling the remainder of her tea in her glass.

Viv knows she should ask Susie if she wants more, but is feeling petty and ignores the cues as she dries her hands and pulls up a chair to the table. “I understand what you are saying. I just don’t think it would work so well with Eva and I. Our relationship is different. Not so much friends as parent child. And I like it that way. I think if she went away and took her blue attitude with her, I would miss her and it.” She knows Susie thinks she is insane for keeping her daughter at home and wishes this conversation would end before she says something she regrets.

She hears a clinking and tinkling. Susie brightens and reaches for her Gucci handbag. She pulls out her cell phone, signaling with a finger that she needs to take the call. VIv is relieved. She knows that the call will take 15- 20 minutes and afterwards, Susie will have forgotten what they were talking about.

*** I wanted to do more with this story, but parental Halloween duties did not allow me to. As far as the other color prompts are concerned, I raise the white flag of surrender!***


  1. I am laughing at myself as I read this. One of my reactions was "you stole my names" But oddly you have captures some of the adult Viv from my bits...

    so no Black. OK. would you like some Picture prompts? Those can be fun.

    I do like this and the interactions between characters. The interaction and the way you write remind me of the way you wrote the friend prompt a while back. It is a similar voice.

    There seem to be some typos or grammar mistakes that show me your frustration and lack of time. don't let yourself feel pressured or this won't be fun. Try and Keep it fun.

  2. I did have fun with it. My frustrations were not being able to develop it further.

    And i stole more than your names... I stole your IM comment about your daughter the other night.