Wednesday, October 7, 2009

List 10 noteworthy (to you, anyway) events of the last 24 hours.

My Top Ten List (in reverse chronological order)

10. Playing in the leaf pile with my daughter: She is so filled with joy that I can’t help but have fun even though I am wet and cold. Well, until a large honey bee slowly climbs across it, causing her joy to instantly turn to terror and tears.

9. Helping my son with his homework: I feel accomplishment when I watch him use his talents to create things. I am so much of a process over product person. So, why do I get so frustrated when he isn’t able to give me a cognitive product in return?

8. Snuggling in bed with both of my kids every morning: There is nothing that feels more like home to me.

7. Watching my alarm clock change from 1:39 to 1:40am: Stress really affects my sleep patterns…. And this view is becoming all too common.

6. Fabulous conversation with a friend: Thank you my dear! I am loving this project already. I am starting to think bigger too.

5. Listening to my son scream ‘like a little girl’ (his words, not mine): Although the pitch is shrill, I love hearing the excitement in his voice when daddy walks through the door. Just a side note, this shriek is accompanied by the pounding of not so little feet and the release of tension from daddy’s face.

4. Nuggets and Burgers: I would prefer to do healthier meals than Wendy’s, but the opportunity to eat dinner as a family far outweighs that need. I can’t wait for October and the excessive work hours to end!

3. Paying a bill OFF: That’s right! We not only paid off the swimming lesson bill, but closed out a credit card. Financial freedom, you are a long way off, but we are gaining ground.

2. A long, but hopefully problem solving, doctor appointment: Hearing that there may be a simple answer to a compounding problem is actually very good news when it comes to your child’s health. Exasperation, frustration, appreciation.

1. Being caught off guard by my 4 year old son: I know he can read. I taught him to read. But it still surprises me when he reads something other than a book… like a sign for a class he wants to take. The lying about what a sign says is over.


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