Thursday, October 8, 2009

When I Am Stressed, I.....

When I am stressed, I take it out on my family and my pets. I don’t like admitting this and I hate it when I realize that is what is happening. Sadly, it is what I do. It doesn’t happen over night. It takes days of being saturated and responsibilities to become more numerous than I can command. As my stress level rises, my patience decreases. It’s kind of like the Hoover Damn. Open the spouts and let some of the wild water go in order to make room for the expected Spring rain and snow melts.

Unfortunately, we all pay the price. My beautiful children become whinier and needier which just stresses me out more, causing the flood gates to inch open. My husband tiptoes around and tries to control the collateral damage, assuring the residents that everything is okay. The dogs stay clear because they know I am worst with them. The roaring of the water pouring out is louder at their expense. I am quick to turn and yell and am fairly unforgiving. Perfection seems to be the only barrier between flooding and remaining at stable levels.

And then I hit a point where I know my gates can’t hold anymore. The damn is sure to bust. I order the roads to blockaded, the little town of my home evacuated for safer land, and set the sirens off. After the initial fleeing, it is quiet. I retreat to the safety of my own private land and burry myself into the warm folds of the bunker of my down comforter. I close my eyes and just let the waters go.

I wake up and it is as if the seasons have passed and the slow release of water has worked. Everything is stable, the damn is easily manageable. The sum is shining and the rain has stopped pouring down. I am always amazed how one nap ends what can be a vicious cycle.

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  1. I like the dam comparison to the building pressure of stress. Hooray for the wonders of naps.

    I would love to see this polished. The last line of the second paragraph seem sto be missing something. Not sure what maybe the word mask or wall before perfection.