Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How would you spend a found $20 bill?

My immediate thought is to answer this question with a question. “What makes you think I would spend it?” Why I go to this is far more intriguing than my questioning response. The truth be known, I would never just find a $20 bill in my house or on my person. If I found $20, it wouldn’t belong to me. And my conscience wouldn’t allow me to run off willy-nilly to spend it.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t be excited to find it. I most certainly would! Finding money is just fun. I still smile at the sing-song monologue that goes through my head as I pick one up off the ground. “Find a penny; pick it up; all day long you’ll have good luck!”

It’s just that my reaction is to look around and see if anyone appears to be missing $20. My husband has a horrible habit of forgetting to put money back in his wallet. I would put it under a magnet of the fridge and wait for him to get home to ask. It’s likely I would forget to ask and the money would hang there a couple of days until I needed to buy milk or he saw it and asked me what was up.

The other scenario I see happening is finding money in a public place…. Like when I walk to the mall with my kids. We seem to find a lot of spare change on the ground near the bus stop. If I saw a $20 blowing in the wind, I would catch it, God willing, and look to see who was chasing it or which overloaded waiting passenger has their purse out. If I found such a person, I would approach them with the money held in front and offer it back to them. I wonder how many people would dishonestly claim it? Sadly, I bet many would. Just the thought of no such obvious person to approach makes me want to swivel my head in different directions looking for someone to take the responsibility out of my hands.

That leaves the possibility that a 20 has fallen from the heavens as a reward of some type. And that leads back to the initial question: What would I spend a found $20 on. The answer is….

I have no idea. Probably nothing fun. Most likely milk and maybe a Smoothie for the kids and I to share at the mall. If the Salvation Army kettle is outside, I may drop the rest of the change in it.

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