Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Perfect Day

The wind blows, pushing the tingle of the hot sun from my browned skin and bringing with it the scent of salt and deep blue water. Sand whips across my calves, leaving a slight sting where each granule impacts with my skin. My toes dive into its warmth as I walk to the tempo of the waves washing ashore. The silk of my dress wraps around my thighs and lifts, revealing the bright yellow of my bathing suit. I close my eyes and feel the long tresses of my hair fly in the wind, tangling. Carried away by the symphony of nature, I open my eyes wide, inviting it to fill me with its music. The wind hushes, giving way to a steady crescendo of sea gulls flying overhead. I stand still, arms still spread wide, my skin once again tingling from the heat of the sun, waiting for the song to start once again.

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