Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Heist

It had been a tiring day. The children screamed, for one reason or another, starting before the alarm clock went off and ending only when I tucked the blanket around them under the shining stars of night time. I was exhausted. Tired beyond belief! Sitting on the kitchen island, my Daiquiri ingredients were calling to me. 'Let me take care of you,' they promised.

I bent down and kissed my son, then my daughter. "Please mommy, don't go," my son pleaded.

"Stay mommy!" my daughter begged.

"Tell us a story," they said.

I was sure I could hear the ice cubes melting next to the warming Triple Sec. "Please mommy?" said two soft voices in the background of my thoughts.

Drowning my alcohol dreams with a deep breath, I began. "It wast thought to be the greatest heist of all time...." The hooligans' eyes glowed expectantly.

*** Daily Writing Practice ***


  1. Triple Sec on ice?????

    Never had it that way I like it warm.

    Nice mother piece at any rate.

  2. Some people use it as a Daiquiri ingredient... at least I would guess so since that is what the internet said. I think of Daiquiri's blended in a glass.