Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Office

"She was horrible," I complained to a friend. "One of the worst I have ever seen!" I turned the car onto tree lined Vermont Street, leaves fluttering. Dappled light danced across my windshield. "Thank God she doesn't have the final say."

"It sounds pretty bad," Maggie responded. Her voice was far away and I rolled my eyes as a squirrel dashed across the road. Most certainly she was preoccupied in painting her toe nails a brilliant red. Maggie was always distracted by her own vanity. She never seemed focused on life's important issues, like my on-going office visits that resulted in a shelf full of little plastic bottles.

I sighed, shaking my head gently. Birds chirped loudly outside my window, but I only noticed the red of the stop sign. "Maggie, if this is a bad time, I can let you go." Disdain filled my voice, giving it a sharp edge. The car propelled forward, seeking New Hampshire Circle. My eyes followed the street signs.

"Oh Julia. Don't be like that! I have things going on in my life and I've heard about your Lochness Monster for three years now." She sounded exasperated by the conversation. My lower lip slid quietly into a pout. I knew she thought I was a hypochondriac and the hundreds of office visits I made certainly seemed to support that view. But she hadn't lived with my aches and pains for even a day.

Sorry folks. I am too tired to do anything more with this tonight. I was hoping to have her flash back to her most recent visit, but I don't have the ability to type well with my forehead and I am afraid that is exactly what will happen if I continue much longer. ***Credit to Daily Writing Practice for the prompt though!***


  1. would love to have that piece between these two. i would like to see more.

  2. I am slowly working on more!