Thursday, June 10, 2010


I placed my hand cautiously on the wall of the cavern. It was wet, reminding me of early spring mornings running in the grass barefoot when the frost turned to mildew, but it was also different. It was warm. Raising my hand, I licked the tip of my finger. I could feel my face crinkle into concentration. "It's salty," I whispered, swallowing the deep sadness that accompanied the taste. "The walls are," I paused searching for the best word "crying." Over my shoulder, I saw Tommy straddling the pile of clothes that covered the wizard. His body evenly fell between the lightness of the room and the darkness of the tunnel. It struck me as deeply metaphorical. Light and dark. Good and evil. My childhood teachings had taught me to expect this, I just hadn't considered this would be the result when we walked through the door. We were entering a battle and he would have to chose a side. I already knew which side I would be on.

"Are you coming?" I called back, easing forward over the rough terrain, understanding settling heavily upon my skin and sinking into my thoughts. I slid the dagger back into my waistband and felt the small journal pressing against my pocket.

Tommy's feet came scuttling behind me. "Jenny? You never mentioned an aunt before."

It didn't sound like a question, but I knew it was one. Grateful for the cloak the darkness provided, I swallowed again, preparing to offer an explanation I wasn't sure he could ever fathom.

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  1. Oh wow I never commented on this before now. It looks like such a fun project.