Friday, June 11, 2010

The Assistant

He reached his hairy arm out, his floppy lips curling into an over-sized smile that showed his yellowed crooked teeth. The audience laughed and applauded. The assistant took a bow. "And for my next trick," the magician began, "my assistant will now use his charms to woo that beautiful woman into giving me her phone number."

Again, the audience laughed. Whistles and catcalls floated to the ceiling of the large auditorium as the assistance ambled agiley down the aisle. Midway to the woman selected by the magician, he stooped and picked something off the carpet. He held it before his eyes, the piece so small not even those in the end seats could make out what it was. Still, he scrutinized it with an intensity most people would have found alarming outside of the auditorium. Without warning, the young assistant popped it into his mouth and then tumbled forward, completing the perfect somersault to thunderous applause.

He swept his long arm across his middle and bowed to the floor, his face hovering barely an inch above the red carpet. He bowed tot he other size to continued applause. The audiences eyes were fixed on him, curious as to the next antic. He didn't fail to please. He leaped from his bow, his foot landing confidently on the thin edge of the seat arm. The shirt tails of his dinner jacket traced large circles in the air as he leaped and twirled over the seat arms of the next two rows.

Applause and laughter echoed off the walls and ceilings of the room. The assistant stopped. He looked at the young woman who was blushing deeply from equal parts embarrassment and joy. The young assistant stood balanced on one foot the row in front of her. He looked at her, his lips spreading wide again, a look that made everyone feel cheery even though he had such a funny little face. Slowly, ever so cautiously, he lowered himself to the ground and took steps toward the young woman. His steps showed a great degree of gravity and seriousness.

The audience quieted, anticipating the moment. The assistant reached his long arm toward her, gently taking her hand in his. His deep sigh filled up the room and maybe broke a few of the audiences heart. He bent down, his large brown eyes still trained on hers and placed a gentle kiss on her hand. Quick as a flash, he climbed into her lap and curled up into a fetal position, sucking on his thumb.

The audience sat silently having forgotten what the end result was to be. "So, what do you think?" said the man sitting next to the woman. She looked at him startled from the strength of his voice and the sudden appearance of the magician in the seat next to her. He smiled his glorious smile and handed her a rose. "Do I get your phone number?"

She laughed. "Only if your little Bobo Monkey is part of the deal," she responded, smoothing the fur on the young assistant monkey curled in her lap. The audience's approval exploded and Bobo left a wet kiss on her face.

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