Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Explosion

The explosion was gruesome. Blood splattered the wall, her leg, and smeared across her trembling hand. She looked at the mess in amazement; humored she was capable of such a brutal act; concerned about the amount of evidence she would need to clean up. Still, she smiled, pleased with her accomplishment. Wet paper towels in hand, she began cleaning herself up while humming a tuneless melody of triumph. The thought of killing again sent a tingle down her spine and she knew she wanted more.... and soon.

It's Mosquito season.

*** Daily Writing Practice ***


  1. This made me grit my teeth and shudder at the end.

    Good Job.

  2. Welcome back Vicki. Seems like you are having a very busy day... especially since you've stopped by here!

    Read the story again. See how it works with the additional line I took out of the original version.

  3. Now it is humorous. Not so gruesome with the last line.