Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dog or Cat

I knew that damned creature lurked beneath the bed just waiting for light to ascend and my ankles to descend. It never failed. Every morning I awoke in that strange bed, I'd enter the breakfast nook with new scratches mixed with weeping blood and a frustration that far outweighed the sting of pain. "I hate your cat," I'd say as a morning greeting. My middle school best friend simply responded with a shrug. Is it any wonder I am a dog person?

*** One Minute Writer ***


  1. But what is under the bed? I like this. it makes me giggle a bit.

  2. A daemon cat as close as I could tell. My still pull my ankles up to a safe place when I think of it.

  3. I have met some daemon cats. I just keep the idiots.