Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry for the Slew

The Ugliest Clothing Trend

If I want to see if you wear boxers or briefs, I'd date you for a while. Since we aren't dating, put some pants on that fit. Please.

*** One Minute Writer ***

Dear Diary of a Rising Star

Dear Self,

I'm hot. It's 103 degrees at 4 pm in Texas. I play in three hours. They tell me it will be cooler... maybe only in the mid-nineties. I'm sweating profusely. Is it heat or nervousness? I am worried I won't be able to hold on to the guitar when I walk on stage. It will be worse then with the hot stage lights blaring down and the body heat rising.

I love the effect of it all though. The noise of the crowd that rises and falls like crashing ocean waves. The brilliant light that makes me feel as if I am singing to God, his dancing shadow falling on the clouds. I'm not high,(I never am) it's just a very different view from the stage.

I'm smiling now. I've made it. I'm ready to enjoy the moment.

*** One Minute Writer ***


I wanted to be the Song Mistress for my pledge class. I couldn't sing, but winning it would have felt like receiving a Golden Globe or Grammy. Then she decided to pledge. She was the head of the choir, sang with a band, and was the lead in the college musical. I didn't win and felt a disappointment that held too much weight considering the situation.

*** One Minute Writer ***

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  1. Clothing: I totally agree and was going to say this too, but you've said it beautifully! Love it!

    Diary: do they feel this way? WOW!

    WInner: sad. :-)