Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jeannie's Happy World

Jeannie's Happy World is a blog written by a young woman with a very optimistic outlook on life. I read it every once in a while. Today, she asked, "How would you spend a million dollars?" It's suppose to be for a swap, but thought I would just plop my list here instead:

1. I would pay off my house, cars, and credit card bills. My husband thinks I am nuts, but I think no debt is the way to go. (Let's say that comes to $170)

2. I would take my family to Mexico for the summer. I would love to buy a condo in a safe neighborhood over looking the ocean, but would settle for renting one instead. There are many beautiful ones available. (I have no idea how much that would cost. Say $10 just to be extravagant?)

3. I would take my friend to LA so we could go to the Craig Ferguson show and watch our favorite person get his star on the walkway. (Hmmmm.... maybe another $2 for the weekend and $5 if we stay a week?)

4. I would take this same friend to Italy or Rome, maybe both, to see U2 from the front row. ($15 seems reasonable.)

5. I would build a second home on a sandy beach by a large body of water (preferably an ocean). ($No idea!)

6. I would give great Christmas gifts to family. I think the maximum gift you can give without the receiver having to pay taxes on it is $20.

7. I would give money to a group researching ways to make schools better without increasing their current budgets. I just want others to see that pouring more money in isn't the best answer. We've been doing that for years and it hasn't helped. Something more innovative needs to be done.

8. I would donate to scholarship programs to help kids go to college who otherwise would not be able to do so.

9. I would put the rest in the bank.

10. Oh... I would also replace the dishwasher, dryer, and have the couch repaired. Not exciting, but they all need to be taken care of.


  1. I am assuming that the dollar amounts are in thousands.

    Also provide a link to Jeannie's Happy World

  2. yes,Vicki...$15,000 for front row seats at U2 in Rome. Is she right, heather???? Fun list. Don't know how my list, if I dared to dream one up, would be different.

  3. She is right. Tickets wouldn't cost that, but the airfare, hotel, food, etc for the month or two we would need to stay to see both would add up.

    Vicki, I edited the post to include it. I meant to do it but forgot.

  4. vicki,

    a rented condo is 5$?

  5. Posted in 1000's. I would hope $1000 a night would be enough!