Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Sixteen or Tremendous Twenty

Tomorrow is my twentieth birthday. My mom says, "It's the new sweet sixteen!" I don't really get what she means and when I tell her this, she just laughs and says, "It all started when 40 became the new 30." Then she drolls on about how history both repeats itself and changes the future. "Twenty is now the Legal Age of Responsibility. You can drive, drink, have sexual partners, be prescribed medicinal marijuana...." She always just lets her thoughts trail off into reminiscence. It's all true and I am excited, but the history books don't say anything about 16 being he old age of responsibility. So, what is so sweet about 16?????

*** One Minute Writer***


  1. 16 was the age of "coming out" and debutante balls. why sweet? who know something about innocence.

    I really thing 40 is the new 30 ect. is all about hanging on to youth and demanding to not be cut out of the "beauty" parade because of the number of your years.