Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Unlikely Friendship

I had been to dozens of playgroups, children's activities and classes, parks, and moms nights out before I resigned myself to the understanding that bonding with another mother was not in the cards. Then a mom I had seen in the preschool halls for the last year heard me tell the kids we were going to the park.

"Which park?" she ventured.

"We haven't really decided yet. Do you have one you can recommend?" I asked. I hadn't avoided her, but she always looked so tired and run down I had done little more than offer a smile when I saw her.

"There is a great one just past the health club. My kids would love to have someone they know to play with." She seemed hopeful, excited. I recognized the emotion well. The park is not a treat for adults unless the kids know someone there.

"Okay." She gave me directions. We spent the next two and a half hours having one of the best conversations I had had in a long time. Our kids were begging us to take them home.

I'm loving this friendship right now. Sadly, she is moving across the country in three weeks. We've only known each other two weeks at this point.

*** One Minute Writer ***


  1. So sweet. I'm missing my friend now (we started out like this and fast forward 6 years and four states later, we're still friends).

  2. this still makes me sniff a bit. A little bitter sweetness and joy.