Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Other than the nude colored thongs she wore, she stood naked. A heavily laden rack of clothing provided the only protection from hundreds of criticizing eyes just on the other side. She looked at herself in the mirror. The heavy makeup stained her face unnaturally, defining features that weren't there moments before. Her eyes peered brightly out from under the blues and greens. She gave a posed smile and held it until the deep pink of her lips seemed frozen in that space. She turned her head left and right. Her hair pulled back so tightly, the long wrinkles on her forehead had disappeared. She turned her head from left to right, checking that the small rhinestones affixed to her head caught light with any movement. All this color was in stark contrast to her unblemished sunned skin. It made her feel vulnerable and bare to her soul.

Gently, she worked the deep turquoise dress out from the grasp of the other dresses on the rack. The satin felt smooth against her arm. Little jeweled stones scratched her body wherever they touched as she unzipped the back of it. She gathered the dress into her arms and stepped gingerly into it, pulling it over her long legs, careful not to let it spill onto the floor. It felt cool against her body. An involuntary chill shot through her making the hair on her arms stand up.

She reached back and pulled up the zipper. It ended at the small of her back. She fastened a clip at the top of her neck. It was all that would keep the dress on and it didn't seem enough. A draft ran across her back as a door opened and closed. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, blowing out her insecurities and pushing down her nerves as she smoothed out the bodice. The dress fell to its full length, brushing softly against her ankles.

She raised an arm high above her head, hyper-extending it as she splayed her fingers apart with just enough tension to make them shake ever so slightly. Her chest expanded and filled what had been an empty space. Her back curved with the gesture of her other hand falling into place a finger width's space from her hip bone. She lifted her chin, looking down her nose into the mirror. The effect was both of allure and strength, something she had always considered an odd combination.

She crossed her legs just above the ankles and rose onto the ball of her feet, lifting her eyes to the ceiling . The spin was quick and precise. Her skirt whipped into the air and wrapped itself around her thighs only to fall gently back to her ankles in little waves. Her posture and expression changed. Temptation, challenge, and an aloofness oozed from her. The picture was complete. She receded from her refuge and headed to the dance floor.

*** Daily Writing Practice ***


  1. So many powerful images placed at just the right moments. That was a great bit of writing, I really enjoyed that :)

  2. Thanks Marc.... glad you stopped by.

  3. That is a really beautiful piece of writing.