Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ten O'clock

At 10 o'clock I was reading books to my daughter, using the sun as a light. My son was throwing a ball for the dogs and shrieking with joy as they raced around the room. They were safe and sound.

At 10 o'clock, as the sun went behind a cloud casting a shadow over the page I was reading, I looked out the window. A young boy was following the steep sidewalk up the hill wearing a pair of Superhero underwear and not a stitch more. I put my daughter on the floor (to her loud dismay) and looked down the street. The little boy was alone. I looked back to see if he had capped the hill and found that he had picked up a stick. It was dragging on the ground next to him as he continued to place one foot in front of the other.

My children were very sternly instructed to stay in the house. I went outside and started to follow him. Luckily, my neighbor, Lisa, pulled into her driveway about this time. She followed the boy while I ran to get my phone. I called the police and explained the situation.

Lisa and the boy appeared at the top of the hill, walking side-by-side. He told us he was five years old and refused the offer of warm clothing. He told us he was looking for his brother. I relayed this information to the police and then reminded my own children they should be in the house.

The boy grew tired of questions and began to wander away. Lisa and I began to follow him, encouraging him to stay at the house to no avail. My other neighbor, Sandy, came out to help. I asked her to stay with my children which she gladly did as I continued to tell the police where he was headed. Two blocks later, the boy saw his sister and called to her.

She ran to greet him, clearly surprised he had left the house and relieved that he was okay. "It's 10 o'clock, Lisa intoned, "Do you know where your brother was?" Lisa and I released him into her custody. I wondered why she wasn't in school. Lisa made a comment about it as well. As we rounded the corner to my house, a policeman pulled up. "He's home with his sister in the Prescott Place Apartments," we said.

Lisa added, "His sister's name is Tani Brown. She's in my son's class."

The police officer left to follow up. I went home and thanked Sandy for watching my kids. I hugged them, glad to know that I always know where my children are at 10 o'clock or any other time of the day.

*** Seven Days, Seven Answers.... and it really did happen today ***


  1. The exact same thing happened last year (perhaps exactly 12 months ago) on the school playground after school...a little boy, no older than 2, in his *very* full, sagging diaper and tennis shoes, wandering around, with NO ONE with him. Kept asking him if he's with mommy, daddy, brother, sister...he couldn't speak. Kept asking all the kids on the playground if he's with them, no one knew him. Another mother and I were concerned...she called the police and waited for the police. After the police came, a young kid, about nine, came running from three blocks ahead (saw him running towards the playground) to pick the little boy up. Of course, the police had to talk to him. I drove around a little bit after this and saw the police car in front of a house three blocks away from the school. Scary world out there, I'll tell you that!!!

    This is a very descriptive piece. I like it and will hug my kids again before I go to bed.

  2. Wow what a story. I made me go kiss one sleeping kid and nag the other who was not yet asleep.