Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot Air Balloon

Andrew planned it to be perfect. He thought of everything. Jill, the love of his life would be hard pressed to say no. He'd even gone as far as to buy a second ring, ignoring the one they had picked out together and stored in a memory box loaded with pictures of their life together under the bed. Grandma and Grandpa had agreed to watch their son. There was nothing left to do but invite her to Galena.

She said yes, as he assumed she would. They drove together in the car, bundled against the chilly temperatures and chattering incessantly about the bed and breakfast they had found on-line for a good price. They mapped out their plans for the evening. They would scout the novelty shops, have dinner at Vinnie Vinuchi's, watch the choir sing in the park by the river banks, and call it an early night. There wouldn't be much else to do in the tiny town until the next morning anyway.

They found some trinkets in the shops, ordered Chicken Marsalla off the menu, and sang along to the carols. Slowly, they meandered back to their room, enjoying each other without the always threatening interruption of a child's non-existent knock. Andrew woke her early the next morning. She fought the early morning by turning over and going back to sleep.

He persisted until she grumpily climbed into the car. He drove them the three miles to Eagle's Gates. He pulled her out of the car and approached the guide. He welcomed them and explained the half-day agenda. Jill backed steadily away. She could not be persuaded to enter the basket. Andrew saw the perfection of his proposal slipping away with the likelihood of her relenting.

He fell to his knee, producing the ring. "I wanted to give you the world. You want much less. Instead, I will give you the solid ground on which to build our lives together. We can soar to the skies when you are ready" It wasn't what he intended, but the result was the same.

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  1. This is very nice. Is it true? Is it a little cabbage at grandma and grandpa's

  2. The premise is true. It is how my brother-in-law tried to propose to me sister-in-law. And the little cabbage farmer did stay with grandma and granddad. It was just too hot in the house to try and write the entire story.

    The rest is it took three trips because bad weather caused cancellations. Then, it was just plain too cold to go. He ended up asking her while opening gifts at Christmas and they took the balloon ride in the spring. She returned the second ring he picked out AND the first one and picked something out by herself. I think....