Monday, May 17, 2010

Freezer Items

Her muscles ached from the easy work-out. She wasn't fooled. She knew she was being beaten down one day at a time. One day, she would be a small pile of pulp. It's what she yearned for. Small. It was something she had never been. She reasoned she didn't have to get there all in one day, so she opened her freezer to fulfill her late night craving.

She looked through the few items she hadn't thrown out from the self-purging she did after her doctor's appointment. Eggos. Yummy with butter and syrup, but not sweet enough to satisfy her. Frozen vegetables. An impulse by that was meant to help her change her lifestyle and gain control of her body. Nope. Not even close. She hesitated and wondered if she should wait until they were freezer-burned or just throw them out now. The idea of having even less food scared her so she moved on to the next shelf, leaving the vegetables where they were.

Ice Packs. Inedible although they were a Godsend that afternoon. Numbing her sore muscles provided a short trip to heaven. Ice Cream. She smiled not realizing she had involuntarily licked her lips and moaned a little. She lifted the lid. Barely a scoop remained. She considered it a teaser, not even an appetizer and slid it back in the freezer with disgust. There had to be something else! She had to be missing something.

She began moving the eggos around and then the vegetables. It was behind the vegetables that she found the green box of Girl Scout cookies. An entire sleeve of chocolate mint cookies was laying helplessly inside. She snatched the box out greedily. She ripped the sleeve open mercilessly, set on devouring the entire contents. On her fourth cookie, she flipped the side of the box up. Ingredients and Nutritional Information read the headings. She glanced down the ingredient list. Chocolate, mint, and more forms of sugar. Licking her fingers and reaching for the next cookie, she saw the number of calories.

She choked on what was left in her mouth. Eating the sleeve of cookies would be equivalent to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Three meals for maybe 15 cookies? She couldn't believe it! She always thought because they were small, they couldn't be that bad for you. But there is was. 15 cookies was equivalent to a days worth of food. It made her ill realizing what her little craving would mean.

It didn't mean soothing her soul, giving herself a treat for making it through the work-out. it meant the work-out never happened. It meant working twice as hard in the morning and skipping all meals just to be even to where she would have been. Her stomach seized around this knowledge. It felt tight and suddenly too full. She put the rest of the cookies back in the box and dropped the box in the garbage. If she was going to be beaten on a daily basis for the foreseeable future, she wanted to know there would be an end. It was a freeing motion, throwing away the junk in her life. For the first time in years, she didn't regret looking in her freezer.

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  1. An interesting view. I like the thoughts.

  2. WOW! I think like this and it does free me from pigging out! It is a vicious cycle and it has to stop somewhere. This is a great way of writing this. Like it.