Friday, April 16, 2010

Advice Column

Dear Cate,

I have this embarrassing problem and I am not sure how to address it... or, God forbid, if I need to involve a professional. I desperately need your advice!

I was just in the bathroom. Yesterday, my bathroom fan broke or I would have turned it on before.... uhhhhh.... settling myself. Anyway, I was incredibly surprised to learn that my sh** stinks! I mean, I know they say everyone's does, but I guess I never noticed that mine did as well.

Besides having a new fan installed immediately, what can I do?


Thought It Smelled Like Roses

*** Seven Days, Seven Answers ***


  1. This has been making me giggle for a few days sorry I didn't answer sooner.

    PS candles work wonders.

  2. lol! this make me laugh. XD. Air Freshener, and eating better food would help!

    I'm RyuLuna on Swap-Bot, and I'm following you!