Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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What would you do if you had 60 seconds everyday?

Reflect. Reflect on what ever is causing deep joy or great anxiety. Take that 60 seconds without interruption, without frustration, without pressure and study it. Maybe then I would enjoy those precious moments more and handle the stressful ones a bit better.

What should the Easter Bunny bring instead of candy to fill a basket?

At our house, the Easter Bunny accepts that people will send candy. It doesn't matter that he or she prefers fruit snacks and coins. The candy always arrives in the mail or in subsequent Easter baskets at relatives houses. That's why he or she always includes a few super special toothbrushes. You know the kind that blink, sing, or spin? Yes, a handful of the really expensive ones.

And what do the kids think about this? They love it!

*** Prompts from Seven Questions, Seven Answers ***

What did you do before the internet?

Before the internet, I called my friends on the phone and sent letters through the mail. Before I had the internet, I went to the library to research things and find a book for pleasure. Before I had the internet, I paid attention to the little bit of news that trickled through. Before I had the internet, I would have been more focused on my children because I wouldn't feel the urge or desire to check my internet hosted e-mail, facebook, or other random sites. It is nice to get in touch with family with a click of a button or to be able to look things up with an immediacy not available before. It is nice to get a bigger world view and sort through the opinions of journalists and reports myself. Seeing multiple sides of things is definitely a benefit. There is only a down side when it comes to the attention I do not spend on my children in exchange for electronic statements. Like everything else it is a mixed bag of good and bad. Sometimes, I wonder if I would be strong enough to give it up like I did cable and eventually TV. Most times, I think I am not.

Why do you write?

I write for joy, for release, for expression, to celebrate success, to mull through defeats, to live in the moment, to challenge myself, to compete, to encourage others, and to walk in someone else's shoes. One day, I hope to write to entertain masses.

*** Imagination Prompt Generator ***


The rock was a beautiful shade of gray with small flecks of silver. He stared at a it a long time, whispering a prayer to his God. He prayed for the strength to end the fight to his free his people from the awful war. He could hear his enemy taunting him to the cheers of his fellow soldiers. He prayed harder, his lips forming the shapes of the individual sounds. He held the rock in his palm and closed his fist around it. Looking up, he could only see the silhouette of the giant as the sun shone from behind him. He raised his head high and spoke in confidence, trusting that his God heard his prayer and would answer it as he saw fit. "The Lord my God is with me and with him by my side I am ready." The crowd erupted into laughter. The giant began to down the hill toward the small frame of the boy.

The young man stood his ground, placing the rock in his old and beaten sling. He raised it and took aim, sending one last prayer to his God. The smooth rock flew through the air, twisting and turning on the wind, the speed decreasing ever so slightly. It hit the giant Goliath between the eyes, killing him instantly. He fell forward, no longer a threat to David or his camp. He had been slain by the boy without him ever laying a hand on him. The rock lay on the ground, now covered in red. The soldiers stood frozen. David fell tot he ground and prayed for gentleness and mercy be shown on Goliath's soul.

Or so the story goes.

*** One Minute Writer ***


  1. Heather--just wanted to send you a quick congrats--I just gave you another One-Minute Writing of the Day award, for your response on 3/26. Great job!

    -C. Beth (The One-Minute Writer

  2. Much to comment on:
    60 seconds - very true a minute would make everything so much better.
    Easter Bunny - Oh so very useful. I have seen the tooth fairy at parades handing out toothbrushes instead of candy. But fun.
    Internet - Ohh interesting. I need to think more about this and I will continue my comment after I finish chatting with you....

  3. More on Internet - I found an old journal of mine. but there was a whole passage of how all I wanted to do was to find some private quite place away from my sisters and parents so I could read, write and sew. So I think there would be other things to distract away from the kids.

    Rock- Wow very interesting. This was not a direction that I was suspecting from you. But the ending brought me back to you.
    I suspect that I'll have to explain this comment at some point to you.