Sunday, April 25, 2010


She was left sore and wounded in the middle of the battleground, but she didn't beg or plead for help. She merely sat there in the midst of the chaos and went through each step tactically. She couldn't figure out how she'd lost. She was sure she hadn't stepped into any minefields, hadn't set off any alarms, had followed all the rules of fair engagement. Still, she had not won and found herself alone at the party once again. "I'd like to stretch out of my life and into one that better understands social behaviors," she mumbled and began to rock slowly to comfort herself.

"Who's that?" one of the other young woman asked.

"Oh that's just Asberger Annie," the woman next to her said with a laugh.

*** One Minute Writer ***


  1. I am not sure I am following this one. Maybe I am missing something. I like it though!!

  2. It can be really challenging to write a cohesive story line in a minute or two. In that sense, there is a lot that is missing. In a nutshell, most people with Asberger's have a real hard time understanding socially appropriate behavior and therefore have a terribly difficult time making friends. Many people are aware of this and would like to fit in. The idea was suppose to be that she would want to stretch out of her comfort zone and fit in.

  3. I got it but then I know what you know there.

    I like it to the transition could be a bit cleaner but hey great work with one minute.