Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Most Beautiful Sound

There was the sound of hard soled shoes slapping and scuffling across the linoleum, the scraping sound of scissors against the table, the rustling of plastic softened by a thin layer of cotton, the beeping and humming of technology, but not the one sound I so desperately wanted to hear. It felt like an eternity and I could sense the moment when the pulse of the room came to a stop, just humming at the edge of a moment. And then it started in low, wavering with uncertainty, gasping and grasping for a hold in this world, and finally taking hold with a high pitched force that announced its intent to stay. The moment arrived. My baby cried for the first time and it was beautiful. The humming of activity that had stayed at the edge exploded and flooded to the corners of the room. I only heard my baby.

*** One Minute Writer ***


  1. *sniff* *sob*
    Lovely Heather just lovely.

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  3. Beautiful entry. I will be reading here often.

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