Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three Men

I can't believe I am stranded on a desert island. I'm not sure what to hope for more. To be alone with a volleyball as my only social comfort or to see other survivors or habitants and be fearful of living Lost reruns. I have only seen a few clips from the show, but it seems to be a highly stressful experience.

I start to walk down the shore, looking through the few things that have washed up on shore. There is nothing useful. Then I see the silhouettes of three people huddled under a palm tree in the weak dusk light. Their movements are large and dramatic; their voices raised high in alarm. I approach cautiously, trying to understand the conversation. Finally, I am close enough to start making out features. I loose my breath.

Their clothing is tattered and faces are dirty, but I would recognize them anywhere. I am a mix of emotions: star struck and hopeful. We will be rescued soon. These men are far too important not to be searched for. I want to make my presence known and wish I had a mirror or at least a sexy little dress on. Instead, my appearance is as wrecked as theirs.

"Hello?" I call out in a questioning manner.

John Cusak looks at me. His dark hair is a mess making him that much more attractive. I can't help but offer a small smile as thoughts of him producing and starring in the book I plan to write about my experience. Johnny Depp looks up from his seated position. He's a beautiful man too. His exudes a calmness that makes me feel safe. He's an avid sailor so maybe he will have some ideas of how to get help. And then there is Craig Furgeson. He is smiling at what I assume is the absurdity of the situation. At least he will be able to keep us laughing at the situation.

Who needs food and shelter with such great company? I release my breath and take another step forward.

*** Seven Days, Seven Questions ***

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