Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not Quite the Same

How do I not fit in with the family I grew up in? I can't answer that in a minute. Even the abbreviated list is too long. My husband said I should just say that I am awesome and they are not. Funny, but a bit left field.

How do I not fit in with my sisters and parents, huh? Well, I moved away from home, developed opinions of my own, and have balance in my life and relationships. Oh, and all of the nuances that fall within those too broad categories.

*** One Minute Writer***


  1. How about you learned from the mistakes of your parents and strove to live beyond the tools that you were given and made your own far away.

  2. Yes.... but to some extent, so did each of my sisters. I think I just went further than the others and tend to think beyond mainstream ideals. Perhaps that's the biggest difference.