Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Some Sleep

I sat at my desk and watched the clock turn to midnight. There were no bells or bongs, just the silent knowledge that I should have been in bed a long time ago. Still, I had so much to do. The computer hummed loudly next to me. My eye lids felt heavy and my back ached. Just ten more minutes I told myself, knowing it would be a lie but still attempting to put some kind of deadline out there. I took a deep breath and looked at my list of things to do.

Send pictures to Erica. That could wait until tomorrow. It would take too much time to pick out the good ones, try and crop the okay ones into something better, and resize them so she could actually download them.

Send pictures to Sharon. Ditto. It would have to wait until tomorrow.
Write an entry on your blog. I hated to disappoint my fans, but I was tired and nothing in my mind was begging to get out and onto paper. Hmmmmm....... I didn't want to push it off until tomorrow, but knew even if I wrote something I would not be proud of it. I would just push it further down the list and hope an idea would come to me.

Study espanol. I could do that. It would take longer without someone to double check my work or give me immediate feedback, but I could do it.

I opened up the internet site where all of the homework was to be completed. I finished filling in the blanks, conjugating, and guessing at true and false questions. Tengo sueno I whispered to myself. The truth was I was exhausted not just sleepy. Still I pressed on. Finally, I made it to the last three assignments. I began watching the video about the importance of soccer in Spain. As usual, it was boring. I rested my head in my hands and concentrated on the heavily accented and occasionally slurred English.

I yawned, pulling oxygen deep into my lungs. My eyes closed and I felt my head fall forward. I jerked up, shaking my head slightly to help regain alertness. I rewound the video a little and began to watch it again. Still my head began to fall forward. I paused the video. It showed I was half way through it. I stood up and walked to the sink, filling a glass of water and then returned to my seat.

I stretched and then settled in for the last half of the video. I had to pay attention. There was always a quiz following the vid....

I felt a gentle tapping on my shoulder. The sun was streaming brightly through the windows. A little man was bouncing around the screen, repeatedly informing me "Malo". My son was asking for something to eat. It was just after 8am. I glanced at the screen again. It showed 28%. Great. I had failed my quiz miserably. I must have fallen asleep on the keyboard. There was nothing I could do about it now. It was time to start a new day. I would just have to add 'Ask Teacher to Reset Quiz' to my To Do list. The list that never seems to shrink.

*** It's too late and I am too tired to be writing. Sorry! ***

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  1. I think this is better than you think it is. It has a nice flow. Especially if you were tired.