Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My First Job: lawn, robot, yellow, spork

We stood on the lawn, my co-workers and I, desperately trying to keep our heels from sinking into the sodden grass. Our table had sunk into the mud so that we had to reach to our mid thighs to pick up the product. None of us were happy standing in our bright yellow uniforms, but we kept our lips curved up and our voices chipper as we showed the wonders of the "spork." Many people stopped by, amused by the idea. It was likely we would earn a good commission, that is if the batteries in the little singing robot at the table next to us died.

*** Seven Days, Seven Answers ***


  1. Oh yeah I forgot to comment her I read this before...Some how I pictured this on my front lawn. It was an odd thing and I couldn't get that picture out of my head making this a very funny scene.

  2. this is so funny!!! ha ha!! the image is fantastic...in so little words, you can make the reader have so much in her mind! Great job! (still chuckling!).