Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Am I Still Writing?

A friend of mine asked if I am still writing. I am! Just not as often or as well as I would like to be. I am spread too thin with responsibilities. My kids, my husband, my dogs and all the unwritten nuances that make those things come together into a functional (or dysfunctional) family life fall on my list of things to do or to take care of. Oh. And I should be in there somewhere too.

It doesn't just end with that. I also have the responsibilities associated with taking classes. There is my dance class one day a week and the Spanish class I take two nights a week. The practice, the homework, and the other things that need to be done to progress or achieve success are things that don't fit in until everyone is asleep. At least some of this doubles as "me time", although sometimes I think it sucks time away from me rather than it being mine to hold on to.

Occasionally, like every day, I have an urge to be social outside of the people I have singed up to spend time with by marriage contract or college acceptance. Less than occasionally I get to actually follow through on that. I love having those opportunities and greatly enjoy my time with those others, but leading up to that point I question if it is the best use of my time. There are always a million other things I could be getting off my t-do list. (Seeing friends is always the best choice. Contemplating otherwise is more of a way to face the inevitable non-checked items on my list.)

I guess I could be more precise in my response. Am I still writing? Yes. Are you?


  1. Off I go. I have started some stuff not even enough to put a sample up.

    Instructions today...

  2. You do all that and you still manage to write FAR more than I ever do!!!!! Very envious. Seriously.