Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Saint Patrick's Day

"Like all good fairy tales, our magic ends when you are deep asleep, dreaming of next years treats and tricks," is the note left behind by our friendly neighborhood leprechauns each year. My eldest reads the green glittery letter to his sister with the use of a magnifying glass. After all, leprechauns are tiny magical people, no taller than a Smucker's jar of raspberry jelly, so their writing should be really tiny. And they are very quick too! We never catch them in their mischievous acts, such as turning water into Leprechaun juice or making the letters taped to the window flip every time we go in or out of the house. Nor are they ever caught dumping the koolaid down the drain or cleaning up all of the crepe paper left behind after the children are in bed. The only reminder that they visited is the small pot of shiny pennies and single gold dollar coin left behind with a trace of gold dust.

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