Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh, What To Do

I want to keep writing, but as of late, I am lacking the motivation and inspiration to do so. I don't know that I have the right answer, but I have been considering my options. I could stop writing for a week or two and see if I am recharged, if fondness makes the heart grow fonder. I'm afraid I wouldn't come back. I've considered switching from mostly fiction to non-fiction, almost an essay style with the twist of writing my own thoughts. To an extent, I have been trying this when I can't find a prompt that I even remotely like.

The action that I am considering the most is to move my blog from being very private (with only 4 people having access to it aside from myself) to making it public and advertising it. But I am afraid. I am afraid that a friend may read it and take the tiny aspect of something that really happened that I put into my story and then twisted it to be something very different, personally and become quite upset. I am afraid that people will see my most recent work, much of which I am not happy with. It's not so much that I am afraid they will see it because they WILL see it as I won't change any of it. I'm afraid that they won't look past it and see that there are some good entries. I'm afraid that I won't be able to get anyone to read it and that my desire to write will decrease even more as my hopes for feedback fade.

So what should I do? Take a chance? Suck it up? Ponder longer? Try to get through the dry spell and then make a choice? I don't know. Maybe, I should set a deadline, kind of an ultimatum for myself, and then go with opening my blog if I am still sitting on the fence. Again, I don't know. Hmmmm........


  1. An sneaky and easy way to test the waters is to do a pseudonym blog.

    A pen name for the public.

    You are entertaining and fun to read I say go for it. even if you start by writing behind a nom de plume

  2. Check out what others are writing...check out this
    Some of what I read there was not as fun to read as yours.

  3. I've read some of them before. But how the heck do you get your blog on it? Oh.... and I can't figure out how to change the name/ profile on this account and not have it change on my family blog. I think I would have to set up an entirely new blog and that sounds like a lot of work.