Monday, February 15, 2010

Strange Gift

I was pondering the question, "What is the strangest gift you've ever received?" How could I narrow down the crazy things I have received? I had options ranging from a shovel and the responsibility for using it when I was a kid to the dozen white elephant gifts including spray on muscles and taxidermy puffer fish decorated as Christmas ornaments. I had several answers, but none seemed correct. And then I remembered, a gift given before I was even born. Without doubt, the strangest gift I have ever received is the gift of life. As a strange as it is, I still have it with me and hope to for many, many more years.


  1. I think about those fish often....I remediable them as Denise's I hope I didn't confuse it and you are just using that as one of the strangest gift you could think of.

    What a nice mystery to gie us what could the gift be?

  2. They were Denise's. An example, as you said.

    Second to last line claims that the strangest gift I have received id the gift of life.