Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book Shmook

I wanted to make sure to write something tonight, but had no ideas. I've looked for a prompt that would inspire me off and on today. Just now, I opened The Imagination Prompt Generator and was struck by the prompt. How funny, I thought. Johnny asked me that same question today. He said he drew the question out of a hat in preschool. He didn't have an answer and was asking me to see what I would say. I didn't have an answer either. We both agreed that there were just too many possibilities and picking one would be a shame.

After pulling up the prompt "What is your favorite book?", I felt the same sensation I did while driving home with my son. A flooding of titles, plots, authors, and ever afters. I liked them all for a different reason, experienced each of them in a different situation, and honestly felt overwhelmed trying to compare the various fruits. The truth is don't have one favorite book. I have many. Sometimes I want fluff because it makes me laugh and pulls me out of my funk. Sometimes I need an excuse to cry or mourn. I may want to ponder philosophical questions or learn about something currently relevant to my life. Longing, distance, closeness, fantasy, denial, etc. There are books for all of it, but no one book can cover every need. However, there are a lot of perfect situations for a single book.

So, what about you? Do you have a favorite book?

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  1. Very Nice.

    OK there is a book out there that is picture to write about...I may have a copy if not I will try and find it. It may be fun to do together.