Saturday, February 27, 2010


It would be so nice not to wander around the parking lot, pushing the button on my key chain making the horn honk and lights flash alternately. If I could push the same button and have the car fold down into a little box, like my son's Transformers, I could put it in my purse and stop being the lost soul of parking lots. That's what I would have miniaturized.

Or maybe a diaper bag and all its belongings. The diapers, butt paste, wipes, bottles, burp rags, clothing.... all of it. A drop of water and it returns to a usable size. You want it small again, one spritz of Shrink-Em and voila, it's small and manageable again.

Yep, those would be the items I would want miniaturized.

*** From One Minute Writer***

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