Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fence: One Minute Writer

"Beautiful line. Yes. That's the idea, but push through your thighs more. Make them lift you over." He was demanding, more than I ever expected. I loved it. I could feel myself thriving under his tutelage. Outside, concentration was sitting heavily on my face while inside, my soul was smiling. I loved working with him, loved the soreness that I ached with in the mornings, loved the exhilaration of getting it right. "Again," he said and my soul soared. I nodded in response, pushed through my thighs as instructed, and flew over the fence on the back of my beautiful stallion.


  1. Nice imagery...I feel I know too much about you personally reading this I thought of you dancing first. I was surprised by the horse.

  2. Sorry I have been off so long. I am trying to get it back together.