Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Bad Love Limerick

There was a young woman from May.
People always thought her gay.
She met a man
Who became her fan.
And they married one bright Sunday.

Shortly after they exchanged their vows
and listened to familie's and friend's wows
They made a huge mess
Trying to change her dress
And were too embarrassed to explain the hows.

It was maybe nine months later came Gracie
followed in a mere three minutes by Tracey.
She tried to dream
while the kids did scream,
And ended up calling her friend Macey.

"Macey!" she said, "Please come save me!
It won't be enough to just have tea!
"Bring the wine
We'll be fine!
I can lock the kids out with the key!"

Macey came over with soda instead.
She needed to help clear her friend's head.
"You love Jim!
You love him!
Please say yes as its what you've always said!"

"I do, I think. Yes, I do" she winked
"Or I wouldn't have let us be linked!
I just miss
his sweet kiss
Without wondering if I've been hoodwinked!"


  1. I think this one is missing the last stanza. Or maybe another one.

  2. Yep... but I was tired and couldn't come up with anything else.