Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Sexy Thang!

Julia's blonde hair cascaded down the back of her sparkly pink dress. Her jellied high heels clicked quietly on the hard wood floor, her weight being so slight the sound was almost inaudible. She had just peeked between the curtains at her audience. Most of them sat silently, starring straight toward the stage. A few were talking amiably. She picked up her microphone. It was purple with little rhinestone stars set into the handle and cordless, an important characteristic which allowed her a lot of movement. It took quite the hissy fit to get it, but she was too self-centered to care.

The lights dimmed and the audience quieted down. "I'd like to welcome each of you to this private concert. Our performers love to entertain and appreciate the support you continuously give. So, on their behalf, thank you! Now, without further ado, please welcome John-Knee and his slap stick comedy routine!" The hostess' voice was professional, but Julia could hear the hint of a smile in the hostess' words. Polite applause followed and John-Knee took the stage.

Julia had seen this act many times. Occasionally she even helped during rehearsals. It was kind of fun and certainly different from her act, giving her a break from the day to day things. She started flipping the microphone in her hand, humming the tune of the song she would perform. John-Knee would be pretending to trip, spilling a glass filled with confetti on the audience. His act always made a mess.Besides the confetti, there would be balloons and streamers laying haphazardly on the floor at the end of his act. It was a neat affect, but it meant she had to be really careful not to slip and fall.

There was heavy applause and cheering. Julia knew John-Knee must be doing his finale. She lifted her microphone and sang the chorus softly. Butterflies began to flutter in her stomach. Her mother once told her that the first kicks she felt when she carried Julia were even better than butterflies. Julia couldn't wait to know what "Champaign bubbles" would feel like. She knew it would be a long, long time before she had a baby of her own. Her mom always told her she was far too young for that kind of adventure. She would always say, "Enjoy your youth. It is but a very short part of your life."

Julia smiled. She was enjoying her youth. How many other's had opportunities to perform on stage to an adoring audience. There were others, she knew, but she loved it all the same. The hostess took the stage. "Isn't John-Knee fabulous! Let's have one more round of applause before welcoming our last performer." That was her cue to get ready. She walked to just behind the curtains, standing so her back would be to her audience. She placed one arm on her head and the hand holding the microphone on her hip. Soon, the music would start.

Julia listened. The audience grew quiet and the beginning notes of her song echoed in the small room. She could hear the curtains being pulled open and began keeping time to the music. Tapping her foot made her hips move slightly. She assumed she could be seen by the audience and moved the arm on her head down to her other hip. On the first words of the song, she turned around and lifted the microphone to her lips.

"I believe in miracles
Where you from
You sexy thing
I believe in miracles
Since you came along
You sexy thing"

The audience was enjoying themselves. They were smiling, laughing, clapping, singing along. It was perfect! Julia felt great. She continued with her rehearsed dance, staying within the guidelines of the venue.

"Mamma! You were always a sexy thang." It was Julia's own four year old daughter bringing her out of her memories and into her present day living room. She was at her 40th birthday party, watching a collage of her 'performances' over the years. She glimpsed the teddy bears lined up against her four year old bedroom as it was portrayed on the video. Her daughter's eyes were aglow.

Julia knew she should have started doing this with her little girl a couple of years ago. It was never too late. She stood up, found the little wardrobe box she kept and pulled out the Ariel mermaid dress and a boa. She found her daughter, wrapping the boa around her, gently pulling her in close. Whispering, Julia told her "And now it's your turn to be the star."


  1. The second from last paragraph confuses me. Not so much the transition to the present but where Julia is.

    What exactly should she have done with her daughter earlier?

    Other than that It is a sweet piece I get you intention and the feel of it.

  2. Started that kind of playfulness..... dramatic play or whatever you want to call it.

    And thank you!