Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Staying In

I'm tired. It is late. I know I should go to bed, but I can't seem to extricate myself from my chair. I just keep staring at the screen seeing nothing. Waiting for what, I am not sure. I reach for my mouse and click on my e-mail. Nothing new. Sliding the gadget across my desk, I click on the tab for Facebook. The friend I had been chatting to has wished me goodnight and disappeared. My nacho plate is empty and my Pepsi only has a couple of sips in it. "Go to bed!" I tell myself. "Tomorrow is your early day."

It is to no avail. I still sit here, tapping restlessly on the keys. I check a couple of blogs to see if there is anything interesting on them. Nothing inspiring appears. Opening a new window, I click on the bookmark for Woot. Maybe something fun will be on it. Nope. MSN headlines scroll by. I don't care who has said yes 9 times or that a couple of teens were hospitalized by hot sauce. I click back to a friends writing site to see if she has posted anything new.

It's how I have been spending most of my nights. I can't even call it web surfing. It's more like treading water. The minutes tick by. A few minutes turns into a wasted half an hour before I realize it. My right hand begins to emit a cold air like feeling. Eventually, it becomes cold enough to cause discomfort. Only then will I reach for the button to turn off the monitor and head upstairs to the warmth and comfort of my bed. But not before checking all of my sites one last time.

Good night.


  1. It's a sickness I tell you and it is contagious.

    Well written.

  2. It really is. It's worse now because I have to be on-line for my homework.

  3. This is so neat. I remember reading the "who said yes 9 times" and the "teens hospitalized for drinking hot sauce" headings. I actually was in your the same time!

    "write, Shirin!"
    "go to bed, Shirin! Do you want to get vertigo again?"
    So, I read some things. Just wanted to "tread water" not really ready for bed. Too tired to write (this is why a good friend named Heather reminded me about my morning writing plans...and here I am, 10:19am on Saturday morning...ready to write!).

    Like how you personalize your pieces.