Friday, January 22, 2010


Space is greatly overrated. I've had lots of it all my life. My childhood house had enough space to shelter two or three other large families. My family insisted on emotional and physical space even when others weren't around. My peers also gave me space, but for all the wrong reasons. As a young adult, I tried to fill in all the empty spaces. I did it in all the wrong ways. I lived in a rented out bedroom with the owner's cats. I slept with every man that was interested and had the time. I called nearly everyone I met a close friend and smothered them with loyalty. In the end, there was still a huge amount of space between humanity and myself. I'm looking to create healthy space. I know I have to start with myself. To go back to having too much space and learn how to create that healthy balance. I don't know how to do that. Can you help me find the way Dr. Ramone?


  1. I like how you can put yourself in a situation or a place with a history and then start.

    I think this may be missing open and closed quotation marks, I bet though you didn't want to give away that she was talking to someone. Am I right?

  2. Who is Dr. Ramone? Is this a person in a psychiatry session? I want to relate, but I'm a little confused. Perhaps, like Vicki said, something may be missing.

  3. She is talking to a psychiatrist. There are no quotation marks, because I didn't know she was talking to anyone until I wrote that last sentence. Then I questioned if I wanted to make it seem like an introduction or a monologue. I couldn't decide so left it as was, figuring no one would care. Oops!