Monday, January 11, 2010


"It has pecans again. Do you care about the rest?" she yelled to her boyfriend. A small smirk spread across her lips. He hated pecans. He had already questioned how many pecans had been produced this year and why Culver's seemed to get such a large share.

He poked his head into the room. "That's six times this month! Don't they miss me? They must have figured out that this marketing plan is a major FAIL." He was both irritated and amused. It was only January 11th and pecans had found their way into over half of the flavors of the day.

"They are just helping you with your New Year's resolution. It's harder to gain wait if you aren't eating custard every day." She didn't even look at him. A stranger would think she was being completely serious. He knew the statement was heavily loaded with sarcasm.

"So, what do you want to do now?" He was bored and hungry.

So was I. "I don't know. Want to watch a movie?"

"Nah. Let's go out and find dessert." He was gone. She could hear his feet on the stairs, followed by the hall closet opening. Slowly she stood up and headed to the stairs.

"Are you serious?" The only response she received was her coat just missing her head as it appeared to fling itself over the half wall and down the distance to the steps. "It's freezing out!" she protested as she picked up her coat and headed up the rest of the stairs.

"Put a coat on. That should do it." He opened the front door. A moment later the car engine roared to life. It sounded rough.

She made it to the top of the stairs just as he came back in the house. "It's freezing out there!" He said it without thought. Then he noticed she hadn't put her coat on. It was in her arms. "You might want to put that on." He grinned, kissed her cheek, and picked his wallet up from the hall table.

A moment later, she had her coat on and had pulled a hat and gloves out of the table drawer. "Okay Romeo. Lead the way."

"That gives me an idea." His eyes were gleaming and a smile had taken over more of his face.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." She was suddenly unsure of where they would end up. She had just assumed Wendy's would end up being the destination. It was the standard back-up to Culver's, mostly because it was convenient.

She followed him to the car, climbed in and put her seatbelt on. "So, where are we going?" He just smiled and climbed in to the driver's seat, securing himself as well.

"That's for you to know and me to find out." It was a game. One she actually enjoyed playing with him. She was good at it.

"I get a clue to start with." she said, teasing him just a bit.

"You might find John there."

"Not fair. We know too many people named John. Narrow it down."

"You could find Eichenlaub there." He said it purposefully. He knew she wouldn't pick up the connection on that clue alone. She sat silently beside him, trying to work out the clue. Where did Eichenlaub like to go when he lived in town. Karaoke, leather, and lace. Those were his interests.She knew he wouldn't be going to any of those places. They weren't his style and wouldn't feed his need for something sweet.

Reluctantly she replied, "Next clue smart ass."

He didn't really have one. At least, not a good one. "It's fit for a wanna-be princess." It was weak, but maybe he could drag it out a couple more questions. His goal was to be pulling into the parking lot before she figured it out.

"Eichenlaub and princesses don't go together real well. Thanks for practically handing me the answer." She was smug even though she didn't have a clue.

"Well, smart ass, what's the answer then?"

'I'm not there just yet, but I'll figure it out. Just give me a minute."

He just laughed. Eichenlaub and princesses? What did they have in common she wondered. Slider was an oddball. Loveable, but odd.

Slider! Of course. Sliders and princesses fit together nicely. She rolled her eyes before answering. "White Castle? Really? Glad I wasn't planning on getting anything. You can sleep in the bathroom. Just turn on the fan." She was confident in her answer. She knew she was right even before he groaned in defeat.

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  1. 2 things came to mind as I read this first the typo wait instead od weight...mainly because I have been fixing typos all day mostly mine. and secondly "Eichenlaub" It confused me I had to look it up only to figure out that it was a name. may be "Our dear Eichenlaub" or "our friendly weirdo Eichenlaub" some how making it obvious that it is a person.

    Otherwise it is fun and I can so see you and Jeff in this.