Friday, January 15, 2010


He lay there, staring at the base of the toilet, wondering why things ended up like this, what he did to deserve it. The ceramic tile was cold against his bare skin. He didn't have the strength or desire to do anything about it. The small bathroom smelled sticky sweet. "So that's what it smells like to die." It was matter-of-fact, absent of fear and judgment. The music pulsed through his veins, thicker than the blood pouring out of them.

He’d picked the album, Ten, thoughtfully. It was calming to him, an album he listened to frequently to alleviate his own desperation by identifying with the lyrics and raw emotion of Vedder. He hoped it would tell his story. One of betrayal, loneliness, depression, and finally suicide. The music dulled in his ears as the pounding of his heart began to falter.


  1. OK Dark.

    That is all I have to say.

  2. One Minute Writer and Google's fault. I took the prompt "ten" and googled it. The top 20 searches came up with Pearl Jam's Ten, which is an album that talks about suicide, l onliness, depression, homelessness, etc. I just went with that.

    So, is "okay dark" good or bad?

  3. oh my. really dark.

    I put myself in his shoes.

    Very scary.

    And dark.