Sunday, October 10, 2010


We walked down the well trodden path, hand-in-hand, silent, to the sandy coastline where the earth meets the water. The vast expanse of blue spread before us. It was humbling, the two of us so small in such a large open space, alone. As the first rays of sunlight touched the horizon, Dennis dropped to one knee and I held my breath in happy anticipation.

*** One Word ***


  1. hey I know its been a while! I hope all is well! I enjoyed this though. I could really picture the scene you were describing :-)

  2. Eddie! So good to see you back! I hope you've started writing on your site again. I'll have to check later tonight. As always, thank you for stopping by.

  3. Yes! :-) I actually wrote something on "sunlight" after I read yours! I hope to continue posting stuff on my blog, although I probably wont be doing that apostaday challenge yet haha. take care!