Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear Chocolate

Dear Chocolate,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately, more than at any other point since we met all those years ago. Do you remember that first meeting? It was late at night and I had just returned home after a grueling night of walking around knocking on doors. My father always complained about having to go door to door in order to put food on the table. He never liked it. For the first time, I understood some of his frustration. I'd collected enough food for a long time, but my feet hurt, my arm was sore from lugging the food through all those doors, and my nose was red from the cold.

Then my parents told me that I should taste the fruit of my labor. I was sure that meant I'd be getting an apple for snack, but they put all the food on the table and told me to choose. I was in awe at all the color and shapes spread before me. Somehow, you were pushed aside, your drab wrapping and flat shape easy to overlook. But I didn't overlook you. It took time, but I found you and immediately knew we would have a wonderful friendship for years to come. We've shared smiles and laughter, tears and toils. No matter what the cause, I could always turn to you. You were always sweet and I have savored our relationship!

That is why this is so hard to say. But it must be said. Our relationship has moved well beyond the bounds of healthy. We can no longer maintain the close relationship that we've had for as long as I can remember. As sad a day as this is, it is in my best interest. My dear friend, it is over. You will be dearly missed, but the dream of that itsy bitsy yellow polka-dot bikini will never be a reality as long as you are around.



*** One Minute Writer ***


  1. As I read this, I'm wolfing down a Fudge Oat Bar from Starbucks. I'm thinking I should probably write a similar letter, though I don't think my heart will be in it. Chocolate will only have to make a weak apology and I'll embrace it with open arms, eager to have it back in my life. I'm pathetic.

  2. No worries Monica. It's just a short piece of fiction! I could never mean the words in such a letter.