Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Office (Part 4)

Hidden behind the plants in her cozy corner, the butterfly-chasing girl peeked at me. Her body posed just as mine sat still in a rocker. A deck of cards sat silently next to her on a TV dinner tray while she observed my anxieties. Quietly she began to rock.

Laurenn came into the room carrying two glasses. She smiled as she handed the glass of water to me and then curled up in the winged back chair. She reminded me of a child’s princess doll placed haphazardly on a play throne while the child ran for cookies. Taking a sip of my drink and placing it squarely on the coaster, I returned her smile. We looked at each other for what seemed too long. I crossed my legs, still expecting Laurenn to speak. She didn’t and I began to think I had wasted my time and money.

“You haven’t wasted your time, Julia. I presume you came here to find out what’s wrong?” I sat up, my eyes wide open. Again, she laughed her deep laugh. “Everyone comes here believing something is wrong with themselves, with a loved one, with the world. Some are wrong, some are right. Everyone gets answers, but they are rarely what they expect them to be.”

I gulped in some fresh air, while she sipped her tea, and waited for her to give me my answer. I’d been waiting for an answer for years. “It can take time though. The answer doesn’t always come to me right away.”

“But mine? Do you have my answer?” My heart fluttered as if cards were being flipped and the air seemed to cool around me. I found myself perched at the edge of the chaise, desperation having pushed me to totter precariously on the edge. Laurenn continued to sit comfortably in the chair, the angles of her face highlighted by the sunlight that had been misplaced when she sat down.

Her eyes wandered to the corners of the room. They rested on the plants just behind me. Looking back at me, she said “Minutes are worth more than money. Spend them wisely.”

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