Thursday, October 28, 2010

A short vent

Okay. So hear it is. The naked, hard pressing truth. I am not a perfect writer and never will be a perfect writer. But to send a page and a half letter on how much I need to improve after reading a five page story of mine seems a bit......well, unusual. To do it repeatedly, never offering a positive remark is just cruel. I received that letter today. If it had come from a publishing company, magazine, other venue (not that I have ever submitted anything), or even someone whose opinion I trusted, I would be disheartened and ready to take action. From a stranger who appears to think he or she is God's gift to critiquing without any qualifications, well, that just puts me in a pissy mood.

I don't feel able to write anything tonight. I'm still too arrogantly argumentative.


  1. Ouch, don't let that fool get to you! I, amongst many others, happen to enjoy your writing :-)

  2. Thank you Eddie. I know I am better than what she or he says and I think that is why it gets to me. It's really all quite ridiculous.

  3. I can get pretty self-righteous when something stupid like that happens too. I try to laugh it off, pretend it doesn't matter, repeat my mantra of 'no piece of writing is going to please everybody'...

    And yet it still bothers the hell out of me.

    It'll pass, thankfully. And at least you're safe in the knowledge that you're better than that person will ever realize.

    Their loss, really.

  4. My goodness, they must be blind! I think your writings are definitely worth publishing! Anyway if you ever do, I’ll like to have one up on my bookshelf!

    Don’t let them get into you and I think Marc’s mantra is a pretty good one to calm yourself down. Good luck! :)

  5. Oh my. It was not meant to be a rallying call. I was simply trying to hold to my promise to write something everyday. I appreciate all of your support and comments very much. Thank you!

  6. I am so glad that others are rallying to you support. I agree with Eddie.