Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ideas brimmed just behind my eyes as I pulled my computer out of my little red bag. Setting it up, my fingers practically trembled to touch the keys once again. It had been too long. Way too long since the last time I had been able to spill my thoughts without concern, without checking my work meticulously. A sigh of relief escaped as the little cursor blinked its readiness. My hands hovered over the keys.

Yep. The ideas had fled. They didn't exist any longer. Resigned to fate, I closed the computer again and went back to my homework with sadness.

***Daily Writing Practice ***


  1. Oh man. That has happened to me so many times! :-)

  2. Oddly, my thought was about resigning myself to doing my homework, not writer's block. But it came off as if I was really stuck. I have been there many times before. Glad it was just a ploy this time.